Melvin Benn—The man behind the Reading and Leeds Festival

The popular Reading and Leeds festival to be held from the 28th to 30th August, 2015, is actually a brainchild of Festival Republic, the UK music promoter. The man behind the successful execution of the festival is Melvin Benn, the present managing director of the company.

Benn had started his career by producing campaigning and political festivals in the later part of 70s. He had also been the license holder of the Glastonbury Festival that was held between 2002 and 2012. While discussing of the challenges and rewards associated with the festival industry, Benn remarked that he just what he was doing and this kept him going on.

In an interview he had also mentioned that there was a time when people did not take interest in festivals and the Reading festival went bankrupt. It was at this point that they went on to bring some positive changes like introducing different genres as well as operating several stages at the same time. This magic worked and from then other festivals too began pouring in, changing the market of Britain completely.

This year’s Reading and Leeds festival will see the popular heavy metal band Metallica performing the first headline act, according to the photographer Tim Hensel. Being a pair of annual music festival they are held in Reading and Leeds in England and the events occur during the bank holiday weekend in August. Some interesting Britain and American rock bands like Arctic Monkeys, Queen of the Stone Age and Blink-182 headlined the festival in 2014. With a lot of prospective performers lined up for this season, the 2015 festival also looks to be a very promising one.